Exploring The Importance Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Hello, my name is Darby Aldrich. I would like to talk to you about the importance of maintaining your air conditioning system. When I moved to a hot climate, I did not realize how vital having a running air conditioner was for living comfortably. When the unit just stopped working one day, the temperature inside the house rivaled the piping hot weather outdoors. We had to go to the community center to keep the kids from feeling sick. While we were gone, we had a local HVAC contractor fix the unit. She let us know that some simple maintenance tasks would prevent that situation in the future. I will use this site to closely explore those tasks in great detail. I hope you can use the information to keep your air conditioner running like new. Thanks.

As The Summer Heats Up: Issues With Your Air Conditioner When It's Working Hard


It's hot, and that usually means that your air conditioner is running as hard as it can to keep you cool. When your air conditioner is on all the time, it is going to struggle to keep your home the right temperature. Good maintenance early in the season will help keep it efficient, as will changing the air filters monthly to keep the airflow within the unit strong. Air conditioning repair is necessary when your air conditioner is not able to cool down the home, is leaking, makes strange noises, or continually shuts off and on. There are a number of common issues with air conditioners, and it's important to know when to call for air conditioning repair services.

Leaking Air Conditioner Units

If your drain becomes clogged, your drain pan will fill up with water over time. When this happens, eventually the water overflows and makes a mess in your home. A simple drain clean should do the trick, and your system will work fine again. If the leak keeps happening, you may need to have the drain replaced.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If you find ice on the evaporator coils of your air conditioner, this usually means there is a problem with the temperature of the refrigerant or the blower that prevents moisture buildup. When the refrigerant is too low and moisture is on the evaporator coils, ice will build up fast. You can turn off your unit, wait until the ice melts, and then turn it on again to see if the problem goes away. If it doesn't, get your air conditioner repaired by a professional.

A Short Cycling Air Conditioner

You may hear your air conditioner turn on and off without cooling down your home. This means that your air conditioner is trying to cool off your home but is malfunctioning for some reason. The thermostat may be broken, or the unit may be getting too hot while trying to cool the air temperature. An air conditioning system that has been on continuously for days in the hot, humid weather is apt to start short cycling because it needs to cool down and take a break.

When you are dealing with hot weather, it's important to keep your air conditioner in good working order. Pay attention to leaks and strange noises. Call for help when you aren't sure what is going on, and give your air conditioner a break whenever possible.

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21 June 2019