Exploring The Importance Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Hello, my name is Darby Aldrich. I would like to talk to you about the importance of maintaining your air conditioning system. When I moved to a hot climate, I did not realize how vital having a running air conditioner was for living comfortably. When the unit just stopped working one day, the temperature inside the house rivaled the piping hot weather outdoors. We had to go to the community center to keep the kids from feeling sick. While we were gone, we had a local HVAC contractor fix the unit. She let us know that some simple maintenance tasks would prevent that situation in the future. I will use this site to closely explore those tasks in great detail. I hope you can use the information to keep your air conditioner running like new. Thanks.

HVAC Services: Signs Your AC Condenser Coil Needs Repair


All parts of your air conditioning system have to be fully functional for you to enjoy its benefits. The condenser coil is one of them, and its primary role is to cool down the air coming out of the unit. Besides, it helps detect the genesis of other issues that might interfere with the AC's operations. Considering the critical role played by the condenser coil, you should inspect it regularly to check for signs of damage. Here are some warning signs that your AC needs immediate repair. 

Your HVAC is Producing Warm or Insufficient Air

If your air conditioner is producing warm or insufficient air, the condenser coil might be faulty. The condenser coil works together with the refrigerant to exert warmth from the perspective that comes inside the air conditioner. As a result, the AC produces cool air. 

When the condenser coil becomes faulty, the air being released is not cool, even if the unit is running normally. Sometimes, insufficient cooling can be a result of low refrigerant. To determine the exact problem, hire a professional HVAC contractor for a professional examination, and have them repair the faulty parts.

Your HVAC is Using Too Much Energy

If your air conditioner is not functioning as it used to, the condenser coil could be failing. The functionality of your AC heavily depends on the efficiency of the condenser coil. If the coil develops an issue, the entire system becomes inefficient. 

As the AC struggles to operate with a malfunctioning condenser coil, it will require more energy. That increases your home's energy consumption and, subsequently, your energy bills. Early AC repairs will prevent further damage and keep your utility bills under control. 

Your HVAC Is Leaking from Inside

The condenser coil is not visible unless you open the system. Because of that, it is hard to know when it's leaking. A hidden leak is dangerous, as it can destroy the entire AC in no time. Dirt and dust accumulation on the condenser coils also affect the running of the unit. For these reasons, it is essential to call in a professional HVAC contractor to detect leaks and dirt buildup. If there are leaks, they will repair your air conditioner before it damages the whole unit.

As you maintain your air conditioner, the condenser coils should be top of your list. An HVAC technician can inspect and repair the condenser coil regularly. That will ensure your AC unit is fully functional throughout the year and avoid devastating breakdowns.


31 March 2021