Exploring The Importance Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Hello, my name is Darby Aldrich. I would like to talk to you about the importance of maintaining your air conditioning system. When I moved to a hot climate, I did not realize how vital having a running air conditioner was for living comfortably. When the unit just stopped working one day, the temperature inside the house rivaled the piping hot weather outdoors. We had to go to the community center to keep the kids from feeling sick. While we were gone, we had a local HVAC contractor fix the unit. She let us know that some simple maintenance tasks would prevent that situation in the future. I will use this site to closely explore those tasks in great detail. I hope you can use the information to keep your air conditioner running like new. Thanks.

Air Conditioning Repair Guide


Your air conditioning system is paramount for keeping your home cool on hot summer days. However, just like every major appliance, it may need occasional repairs. If you would like to know more about air conditioning repair, keep reading.

What Are the Signs Your System Needs Repairs?

If your system is getting worn down or needs repairs, it may become less effective and efficient. You can usually spot this because, despite not being able to make your home cool enough, you'll see rising energy bills. However, there are many other signs too, including:

  • Strange sounds
  • Strange odors
  • Moisture
  • Frequent cycling

Strange sounds often indicate something is loose, and strange odors could indicate part of the drainage system is clogged. Odd odors can also be caused by mold/mildew growth. In fact, you may actually see excess moisture below the system.

Frequent cycling means the system keeps turning on and off more frequently. This often happens if the system is too big for the house, but it can also happen if the system becomes less effective from wear and tear or damage.

What Parts of the AC Need Regular Maintenance/Cleaning?

Your system should be regularly serviced, and most people do it before the summer to ensure the system is in great condition. Every main part of the system should be cleaned and maintained, including the evaporator, condenser, and compressor.

In addition, however, the ducts also need maintenance and cleaning. Wear and tear can lead to holes and gaps in the ducts, which leads to energy loss. Dirty ducts blow allergens and irritants into the air, but they also become narrow, making it harder for the air to pass.

When Is it Better to Replace the System?

You may be wondering if it's better to replace the system instead of repairing it. Whether you should replace or repair your unit heavily depends on the age of the system. Older systems are usually less effective and efficient. Plus, they may use a discontinued refrigerant. Therefore, repairs may only be a waste of money.

You may also want to replace the system if you want new features, such as zoned cooling. Of course, if suggested repairs nearly equal (or surpass) the cost of a new system, it's better to choose replacement.

Air conditioning is a great way to keep your home cool in the summer. However, if the system isn't well maintained, it can become inefficient and ineffective. If you would like to know more, contact an HVAC technician in your area today.


27 July 2022