4 Signs Your Home's Gas Furnace Needs Immediate Repairs


If your home is heated by a gas furnace, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to prepare yourself in the case of an emergency involving your heater. If so, keep in mind the following four signs that your home's gas furnace needs immediate attention. Air Flow Through Your Vents Is Suddenly Weak Over the course of a month between filter changes, it is normal to notice that the air coming out of your vents is not as strong.

3 May 2017

What To Do When Your Home Doesn't Feel Warm And Comfortable Enough


If your home doesn't feel warm enough when you use your furnace, check your duct system for leaks. A duct system receives and distributes hot air from your furnace. It also pulls cool air from your home and redirects it back to the furnace, which heats the air all over again. If the ducts develop holes or pull loose from the vents in the house, the air doesn't circulate properly to the furnace, which leads to varied air temperatures in the home.

7 April 2015

What's That Smell? Dealing With Funky Garbage Disposals


It's hard to imagine your kitchen without its garbage disposal. It's an extraordinarily convenient device that helps simplify many of the things you do in your kitchen. But all of that convenience comes at an eventual cost - a garbage disposal that sometimes emanates foul odors. To keep unwanted smells out of your kitchen, you'll have to give your garbage disposal a good deodorizing. Fortunately, you  already have most of the tools you'll need right in your pantry.

6 April 2015

Dealing With Foggy Windows? Your A/C Could Be To Blame


It's not out of the ordinary to see a little fog on your window now and again, especially after cooking, showering or performing any other activity that adds moisture to your home's air. What isn't normal is seeing your window completely covered in condensation. If the latter is a frequent problem, your air conditioning system could be to blame for it. The following offers a detailed explanation as to why, along with some useful tips on how to deal with the condensation problem with air conditioner repair.

3 April 2015

How Can A Dirty Air Filter Affect Your Furnace?


Your air filter may be one of the simplest components on your furnace, but it has the greatest impact on its performance and longevity. It's little wonder that manufacturers and technicians alike recommend changing your air filter on a regular basis. Failure to do just that could bring about a number of completely avoidable problems. The following goes in-depth about a couple of major problems that could happen thanks to a dirty air filter, along with some preventative pointers you can use to keep your furnace in great shape.

2 April 2015

Are You Better Off Replacing Or Repairing Your Furnace?


It's bound to happen at some point – you crank up the thermostat and the familiar sounds of your furnace coming to life never happen. At this point, you're probably thinking that a call to your furnace technician is in order. If you've been dealing with the same problems, time and again, or if your furnace has seen its best days many years ago, then chances are you're probably thinking about a replacement.

1 April 2015